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Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments by appointment only.  Contact SukhiDevi at 915.740.5908

60 Minute Meeting                                     $55
Reiki treatment with brief pre-and-post treatment consultation.

90 Minute Meeting                                     $80
Reiki treatment with brief pre-and-post treatment consultation; 30 minutes of speaking about Spiritual Guidance (see below) or brief introduction to Reiki and the chakra system (see below).

2 Hour Meeting                                           $100
Reiki treatment with brief pre-and-post treatment consultation; 60 minutes of speaking about Spiritual Guidance (see below) and/or a brief introduction to Reiki and the chakra system (see below).

45 Minute Distant Meeting                          $45
Distant Reiki treatment--Skype preferred but not required. Payment must be made in advance.

 Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance will help you get out of the drama in your life and consciously create a state of happiness.  It includes conversations about concepts relevant to your individual situation and guidance in a powerful technique to help you dissolve your hold on negative emotions.  We might also speak about other concepts, such as what is the soul, how does karma work, meditation, and using mantras.

What is Reiki?
Definition of Reiki
Reiki ("ray-key") translates from Japanese as Universal Life Force Energy--the energy that makes up, flows through and connects all things.  Reiki also refers to a hands-on energy healing system which clears and balances the energy pathways in our bodies.

Why We Need Reiki
Our physical, emotional and mental difficulties (dis-ease) can be caused or intensified by the blockage, imbalance or disruption of energy flow in our bodies.  This is natural as a result of the daily stresses of juggling our jobs, relationships, financial responsibilities, health and concern for loved ones.

Benefits of Reiki
The primary benefit is simple relaxation, although many also know it as a path to personal and spiritual growth.  That simple relaxation affects our physical, mental, and emotional selves.  Some of the reasons people seek Reiki are for decreasing stress levels, PTSD symptoms, a better night's sleep, migraines, chronic pain, mild depression, preparation for and recovery from surgery and anesthesia, improving immunity, mental clarity, and a general sense of peace and well-being.

How Reiki Works
Energy from the universe around us flows through the body of the Reiki practitioner and is transmitted through the hands into the body of the receiver.  The strong, natural flow of energy clears and balances the energy pathways, both relaxing and energizing the mind and body which promotes the self-healing process.

The Reiki Treatment
During a Reiki treatment you will recline on a massage table, fully clothed except for shoes.  The Reiki practitioner places his or her hands slightly above or gently on your body, moving periodically from one chakra (energy gate) to the next during the course of the session.  The touch is for the purpose of light contact--there is no manipulation of tissue or joints.  You will feel very relaxed and will most likely fall asleep at some level.  You might also experience gentle heat or vibration, a pleasant floating or rocking sensation, or emotional release.

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