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Initiation and instruction in Reiki, Mahaananda Reiki, Kuji-In
and more meditation and healing experiences.  All classes are open to everyone.

~~Classes are usually taught at the Wholesome Body,
6633 North Mesa Suite 507, El Paso TX~~

About Mahaananda Reiki

Mahaananda Reiki is the Reiki of Great Bliss.  The course content raises the consciousness and healing power of the Reiki practitioner as well as teaching the techniques of Reiki.

You are free to choose not to follow the Mahaananda teaching, and take only the Reiki courses.

If someone who is already a Reiki Master in another tradition is interested in the Mahaananda part of this course to continue their training as a healer, there is no need to take the Reiki I and II courses again, but initiation and all other courses are required.
Mahaananda Reiki
Certification Requirements

Mahaananda Level I

  • Dancing with the Ego
  • Japa Meditation
  • The Five Elements of Creation
  • Reiki Level I

Mahaananda Level II
  • Soul Stretching
  • Well-being Mantras
  • Esoteric Symbol Empowerment
  • Reiki Level II
           Mahaananda Level III/IV

  • The Unbreakable Gaze
  • Spiritual Essence of Chakras
  • KamaChakra
  • Mahaananda Reiki Level III/IV


Kuji-In  (9-week class, one hour per week)                                  $160
Kuji-In is an esoteric series of meditations that begins with the acknowledgement of our existence as a Soul, and shows us the path to enlightenment.  It is popularly known as the high meditation of martial arts warriors (such as Samurai and Ninja, who attain supernatural powers with diligent practice) and can be found in martial arts movies.  The Kuji-In techniques were originally crafted by ancient spiritual masters as a method to expand consciousness--a purely spiritual practice.  This complex meditation incorporates these five aspects:  mudra (hand position), mantra (form of Sanskrit prayer), focus point (chakra), energy visualization and spiritual philosophy.

Reiki Level I  (8-hour class, all in one day)                                     $200
Topics include Reiki concepts and techniques, hand positions for healing self and others, history, and lineage.  Students will explore feeling energy, receive the Reiki I initiation, and practice giving and receiving Reiki. The course includes a Reiki I course manual and a Certificate of completion.  You will be able to perform a Reiki treatment on yourself and others after this one class.

Reiki Level II  (8-hour class, all in one day)                                    $300
Completion of Reiki Level I is required prior to taking this class.  Topics include the first three Reiki symbols, distance healing, infusing inanimate objects with Reiki, additional techniques, and advanced information on chakras.  Students will receive the Reiki II initiation and practice distance healing with one of their own family members or friends.  The course includes a Reiki II course manual and a Certificate of completion.  You will be able to perform a treatment on someone who is far away after this class.

Mahaananda Reiki Level III/IV  (9-hour class, all in one day)         $600
Completion of Mahaananda Reiki II Certification and all related Mahaananda Level III courses are required prior to taking this class.  Topics include the 4th Reiki symbol, master level technique, review and questions on Level I and II Reiki, and embodying the consciousness of Usui Sensei.  We will also learn the Mahaananda mantra, Vajra empowerment, and how to initiate Reiki students (including practice with other students).  The course includes a course manual and Level III and Level IV certificates of completion. 

Traditional Reiki Level III/IV   (8-hour class, all in one day)           $500
(This class is for Reiki students NOT participating in Mahaananda Certification)  Completion of Reiki Level II is required prior to taking this class.  Topics include the 4th Reiki symbol, master level technique and meditations, and how to initiate Reiki students.  Students will receive the Reiki Master initiation, a Reiki III course manual, and a Certificate of completion.  You will be able to initiate Reiki students after this class.

Dancing with the Ego  (2-hour class)                                              $35
Learn the 21 masks of the Ego to gain a deeper understanding of why we feel and act the way we do.  Then use this wisdom in a meditation of emotional integration, incorporating the four states of consciousness--Breathe, Inhabit, Feel and Observe--to get out of the drama in our lives.  Individual trials of students will be addressed during class if requested.

Japa Meditation  (2-hour class)                                                      $35
Learn about the Hindu/Buddhist prayer necklace (the mala) and how to meditate with it by chanting mantras (a form of prayer).  We will learn five powerful mantras--Peace, Compassion, Three Suns, the first mantra of Atma Yoga (Yoga of the Soul), and the first mantra of the Taoist immortality process.  If you do not already have one, malas will be available.

The Five Elements of Creation  (2-hour class)                                $35
Feel the consciousness of the Five Elements of Creation--Earth, Fire, Heaven, Water and Air--with a teaching on philosophy and initiation in Sanskrit mantras.  These are not the physical elements, but the potential for all creation, very powerful for healing and manifestation.  Mala recommended but not required.

The Major Earth Mantras  (90 minute class)                                    $35
Experience the state of being of Earth with the three major earth mantras--all aspects of generation and sustainment; the protection of mother earth; and unlimited abundance.  These mantras go deeper into the consciousness of the minor earth mantra found in the Five Elements of Creation course.  Mala recommended but not required.  

Soul Stretching  (2-hour class)                                                        $35
Stretch your awareness of the Soul with transmigration and the Siddhis.  Transmigration is a technique we use to both taste and influence the state of being of another.  We become conscious of the state of being and affect it as we actively experience our Soul extending outside our own body.  We will also learn the first two Siddhis, a type of passive meditation taught by Krishna which expands our perception beyond the human senses.  This class will include practice of transmigration techniques using Sanskrit mantras (a form of prayer) as the method of affecting another.

Well-being Mantras (2-hour class)                                                  $35
Learn seven mantras specific for well-being--Purification of the Body, Regeneration of the Body, Healing of Emotional Wounds, Clearing Negative Thinking, Thinking Positively, Purifying Chemical Dependencies (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc), and The Peaceful Soul.  These mantras are most powerful when learned after charging the Elements of Creation.  Mala recommended but not required.

Esoteric Symbol Empowerment  (90 minute class)                        $35
Learn the esoteric mage technique of empowering symbols you use for healing, space-clearing, and more.  The class includes learning to draw quite a few Japanese kanji (such as Health, Peace, Harmony, Protection, and Abundance) with proper brushstrokes.  You are also welcome to bring symbols you are currently using. 

The Unbreakable Gaze  (90 minute class)                                     $35
Learn meditation techniques to unscatter your mind and concentrate your power.  Bring your attention to the present moment with the Five Breath meditation; embody the soul by toning the Hebrew vowels; and  practice sitting in a state of no-mind with Fixity meditation.  Refining these methods will expand your healing and manifestation abilities.

The Spiritual Essence of Chakras   (2-hour class)                         $35
This class explores the human, soul and divine experience of the Chakra:  the human experience of vital energy,  the soul lessons of each individual chakra, and the divine essence of the universal chakra.  The course is based on a variety of esoteric Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Kabbalistic teachings, and is a summary of the wisdom from the book "The Esoteric World of Chakras" by SukhiDevi.

KamaChakra   (2-hour class)                                                            $35
KamaChakra (ever-moving desire) is an intense mantra process which clears what is motivated by desire rather than the Self.  The goal of the KamaChakra process is to soothe the suffering related to desire, then to develop pure desires, and even use them in a spiritual way.  The Dancing with the Ego class MUST by taken prior to this class, no exceptions.  

Weight Loss and Meditation  (2 meetings)                                  $100
This powerful weight loss course blends healing of body and spirit based on: The proven success of Food Combining, Spiritual Guidance to help you start and stick to your diet, and Group Support from classmates.  For the Body, we have a different approach to food combining, cellular detoxification, and cleansing of the digestive system.  For the Spirit, we have mastering your emotional eating habits; drawing support from spiritual beings, archangels, and spiritual masters; and mindfulness in every aspect of eating.  Team taught by SukhiDevi and Veronica Ortega.

Spiritual Weight Loss
(3 meetings)                                           $125
We eat because we are hungry for food, or hungry for the feeling of being loved.  This course provides spiritual tools to help you start and stay focused on a weight loss program--initiation in the consciousness of helpful deities, archangels, and spiritual masters; contemplations for transforming perception and attitude; and mindfulness practices.  This course consists of 2 group classes and an individual follow-up meeting which includes a Reiki treatment and guidance on progress.

Basic Meditation for Stress Reduction  (90 minute class)            $25
Need help calming the mind and sitting in meditation?  This class provides helpful hints and practice in guided meditations for beginners or anyone wanting help.  Students will also be guided to experience consciousness and the state of being of true peace.

Introduction to Chakras  (90 minute class)                                 $25
Understand the "chakras" you hear about in yoga, Reiki and meditation.  Learn what chakras are, where they are, and what physical and emotional experiences are associated with each of them.

The Happy Empath Part I  (3 hour workshop)                              $25
Do you feel the emotional and maybe even physical pain of others?  This class presents techniques and tools that help protect and cleanse yourself, including:  philosophies to embrace, self awareness meditation to manage internal drama, mantras for protection and cleansing, objects for protection and cleansing, and other helpful hints from my empathic friends.  Part I class includes a special section on gemstones.  Time is included for participants to share experiences with each other.

The Happy Empath Part II  (3 hour workshop)                             $25
A continuation of Part I, because there is just too much for one class!  This class reviews the self awareness meditation for managing internal drama and presents:  more mantras and meditation for protection and cleansing, connection with protective divine beings, essential oils, Feng Shui, and a Kinesiology technique.  Time is included for participants to share experiences with each other.  Part I is not a prerequisite for Part II.
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